Pre-work Talk Munich 8/2015 - Robotics

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Heads up Munich!

Our next Pre-Work Talk will be all about Robotics. We have the fine folks from NavVis over for a talk, as well as the founder of the Veterobot. Join us on Thursday August 20 at 8.30 am at our office at the Impact Hub, Gotzinger Straße 8, Munich.


NavVis – Indoor mapping and navigation

By Andreas Goebel, Design & Engineering at NavVis

NavVis was founded to create a better way of mapping, navigating, and virtual interaction in indoor spaces. Our computer-vision-based technology is inspired by nature.

Indoor mapping and navigation should be easy-to-use with no additional infrastructure required. We envision a world where virtual indoor applications are seamlessly integrated with the physical world through custom content and applications made possible by an open ecosystem.

Robots Among Us

By Andrey Nechypurenko, senior embedded software engineer at BYK-Gardner and co-founder of

Recent advances in hardware and software technologies have considerably boosted development in the area of robotics. In this presentation we will give an overview of modern trends in the robotics industry and show how technology and design are complementing each other. In addition we will discuss human perception and the occasional resistance to accepting robots around us.