Homebrew Website Club Berlin #7

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As a rare exception from our regular schedule, we had to postpone the 7th HWC meeting, but we’re back on May 17!

If you are interested in working on (or even just having) your own homepage, along with both conceptual and technical discussions around an open and independent web, sign up today to join us at a yet-to-be confirmed location (suggestions for a quiet and friendly cafe would be most welcome, as we are still on the lookout for the ideal meeting place).

18:30 Warm-up:

Gathering the crowd, catching up, getting to know each other

19:00 Show-and-tell:

What are you currently working on? What is the current pain point on your personal website or with the social web at large? (These can be related to the Indieweb technology stack or not, and it is of course optional; to join us it is not necessary – though encouraged – to present anything.)


Continuing the conversations, helping each other out, or just having another drink

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