Homebrew Website Club Berlin #16

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Due to our Indie Web Camp event, we rescheduled our HWC meetup #16 - we keep the two-week interval in order to stay in sync with Homebrew Website Clubs around the globe:

Our Meeting has no fix schedule yet, it can be a true “hands on” session or like little barcamp style : bring your laptop and something you’d like to hack on (can be anything from the most simple updates to your website content to advanced experiments on your server) and join us for an evening of exchanging ideas, tricks and solutions for running our own sites.

As always, we are of course most happy to introduce new attendees to the IndieWeb (https://indieweb.org) philosophy and existing techniques. No previous knowledge or experience is required: if you are interested in working on – or even just having – your own homepage, along with both conceptual and technical discussions around an open and independent web, welcome to drop by.

We gather starting from 18:30, with an “official start” at 19:00; stay as long as it is fun, usually we hang around for about two hours. Drinks and candy bars are available for purchase.