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This month's topic is about how React Hooks can replace Redux, presented by Helene Grini. There will also be a lightning talk about GROQ with Magnus Holm.

# State management with Hooks

React Hooks lets you use state in function components, and gracefully perform side effects. In fact it comes with 10 handy hooks at your disposal. However, the real power of Hooks is the freedom to create custom hooks. This lets you build complex and shareable non-visual logic in a clean and simple way. For instance, you can make your own advanced state handler. Kind of, very, similar to Redux.

Today we’ll give a short recap of Redux, introduce Hooks and look at how you can build your own application state management using Hooks.

## About Helene

Helene Grini is web developer with a love for JavaScript. She likes to explore the ever growing world of web development, and test new technologies as they come along. She is working as a consultant at Bredvid.

# Lightning talk: Introduction to GROQ
In this lightning talk, Magnus will introduce GROQ – a query language for JSON documents. Magnus Holm is a backend engineer at

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