Observables -- Introduction by Brian Terlson (of TC-39 & Microsoft)

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Introduction to Observables by Brian Terlson of TC39 and Microsoft

Brian is the editor for the TC39 committee, the group that defines ECMAScript/JavaScript. He also works on Chakra and TypeScript at Microsoft.

Location to be announced!

Observables (https://github.com/tc39/proposal-observable) are in Stage 1 (Proposal) for becoming part of JavaScript. They're made popular by libraries such as RxJS and MobX, and are not the ones used in Angular! Brian will explain what observables are, talk about the power and advantages of observables, and why they are being considered for entry into the JavaScript language.

Brian will call in from Redmond to give us an intro to Observables, before we start hacking.

@bterlson on github (https://github.com/bterlson)
@bterlson on twitter (https://twitter.com/bterlson)

Huge thanks to Brian!

7:00 - Food, drinks
7:30 - Intro talk by Brian Terlson
8:00 - Challenge kickoff
9:45 - Demos!

Laptop, energy, brain