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October 2018 meetup!

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We're meeting again! We have five amazing talks talk so far:

Talk #0: Khronos
presented by Kris Rose from Khronos

Kris has recently joined Khronos to head up it's developer relations activities. He is a point of contact for developers on Vulkan related matters and otherwise focused on improving Khronos outreach to drive Vulkan uptake

Talk #1: Halcyon & Vulkan
presented by Graham Wihlidal from SEED

In this talk, Graham will cover the story of how Halcyon got a Vulkan backend, with lots of hands-on information how to get a cutting-edge research engine running on VK!

Talk #2: A new shading language - but mostly ideas
presented by Andreas Fischer & Marc-Anton Boehm-von Thenen

The execution model of GPUs differs vastly from those of CPUs, yet our languages to write code for them only partially reflect those differences. In our talk we explore possibilities for a new shading language, drawing inspiration from functional programming and advancements in type systems

Talk #3: glTF Reference Viewer and next generation glTF Material
presented by Norbert Nopper from UX3D

Norbert will talk about the just announced glTF Reference Viewer and what comes next regarding the glTF material system.

Talk #4: DXC

Last but certainly not least, Hai Nguyen from Google will cover DXC and how you can use your HLSL on on Vulkan -- you don't want to miss this one either.

If you are using Khronos APIs for graphics & compute, please get in touch!

We'll have pizza & drinks as usual. A big thank you goes to "Quartett mobile GmbH" who will be hosting us this time!