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A lot has happened in the Kotlin world since we've had our last meetup, so it's time for a new one! We're happy to announce we have two awesome talks:

How Effective Java influenced Kotlin
Lukas Lechner
Java was released over 20 years ago and in the last two decades we've learned a lot about language design. In this talk Lukas will present how the famous book "Effective Java" by Joshua Bloch influenced design decisions in Kotlin. He will discuss which items were implemented and what they look like.

Fun with kotlin.js
Jan Michael Auer & Martin Prebio
The Kotlin 1.1 release moved the Javascript backend from experimental to stable. But how useful is it in reality? We will have a look at a simple Kotlin JS application, an overview what’s possible and what’s not, and an outlook which scenarios will benefit from Kotlin’s move to JS.

Attention: We are in a new location this time: StockWerk Co-Working Space

Please RSVP soon! :)