Speaking Managerish – how to hold discussion with managers about Agile

Large Scale Scrum Berlin
Large Scale Scrum Berlin
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We are looking forward to welcoming you to another large scale Scrum meetup.

Have you ever struggled with speaking about agility with managers? I'll be honest: I have (Anton here). This is why I am very much looking forward to this interactive session by Tomek Wykowski (https://procognita.com/about-us/trainers/tomasz-de-jastrzebiec-wykowski/) (CST, CLP).

You will get a chance to exchange on the techniques others use, get an inspiring input from Tomek and use others input to figure out a strategy for you to have an important conversation with management.

Tomasz is coming to Berlin with some LeSS-friendly Scrum certification courses (PO and SM). You can find more at ProCognita web site.

Here is an abstract of this session by Tomasz:

Speaking Managerish. How to promote Agile without being fired


Talking with managers is not easy. Sometimes you are just ignored, sometimes misunderstood and in worst case fired…

I’m working as an Agile coach, and I’m having these conversations quite often. My interlocutors differs and so do their businesses. Despite that, over time, I’ve noted some common patters that helps me drive discussions.

During this presentation I’d like to share with you my Steps for Successful Agile Conversation. Or not even Agile. Any conversation, where you'd like to be heard and positively influence your audience.

I’ll show you how to avoid falling into pitfalls and what are the tools that works for me. You’ll leave this session better prepared for the next meeting with your boss.