Open Dojo: The Skill of Noticing

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Oranienburger Str. · Berlin

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There will be a large plush seal.

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The third edition of the Open Dojo takes place on a weekday evening because I'm traveling most of June.

The topic will be a step-by-step process to help train the skill of noticing a chosen trigger. Noticing is key to successfully applying rationality skills since you can only respond differently once you're able to spot the exact moment where you want to change your behaviour. For example, if you want to yell at other people less, you'll rely on noticing when you're angry.

This class requires some introspection skills, but I'm happy to help if that becomes a problem.

18:00 - 18:30 Arrival
18:30 - 19:45 Instructions & practice
19:45 - open ended socialising & more practice opportunity

Bring a blanket, water and some light snacks like nuts if you like. No preparation is necessary and there's no limit to the number of participants. If you want, you can think in advance of what you might benefit from noticing more often.