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Hi all,

In our ongoing effort to revive regular LW meetups in Munich, you are warmly invited to Lukas' living community's garden for our next meetup on Saturday afternoon and evening, August 11.

Our long term dream is to find a group to discuss LW/SSC articles and practice the skills described in the series, as it is hard to implement the theory without conscious practice. Besides, regular informal meetups would surely be great.

Last time among other topics we discussed a step-based decision making system; Predictive Processing; and how to "Make Beliefs Pay Rent".

This time, Felix will present Aumann's Agreement Theorem. It is a mathematical theorem whose statement is (informally) "If rational people A and B have the same prior and their posteriors are 'common knowledge' amongst them, then they cannot agree to disagree about these posteriors". We will analyze what this means, and discuss in what ways real people fail to achieve this ideal situation of perfect agreement.

If you are interested in coming or at least contemplate it, please mail lw1 @, so we can plan and alert you if we have to change the venue.

We'd like to do the food on a Bring & Share basis, so please participate! In case of bad weather, we can move into the flat's kitchen. If you cannot make it there will be another meetup in September.

Hope to see you soon,
Lukas & Felix