LSLab 5.1 - Letting go, to enable focus & intentional choice


** PLEASE NOTE: Due to design team availability we have rescheduled the Lab one day later, Thursday 16th Jan **

New beginnings, starting afresh, making progress or significant change - when you push forward too hard before clearing the slate, you can invest a lot of energy and time in the unnecessary. How can we set free some of this energy and create an intentional YES, while ending unproductive activity for the sake of using our time more purposefully?

Acknowledging routines, processes or behaviors that do not serve us anymore requires radical honesty and painful decisions, even creative destruction. However, not letting go demands a high price as well: we are not fully present or invest energy without belief.

Often developments within the organisation force us to let go. We have no choice, but sit with the feeling of being wronged. Turning this into a window of opportunity, we might ask: what do I need to let go to make progress? What are the parts that have come to an end?

In this upcoming Lab, we want to invite you to explore and play with some of the Liberating Structures to create opportunities and hold space for ourselves and others to voice this inner dialogue.

Join, experiment and discover with us in the beautiful space of our host Codecentric, just a few minutes away from the Ostbahnhof.


The design team for each LSLab event is made up of community members learning by practicing and sharing together! You don't need to know LS to join the fun, but it is important to be open to things going sideways, and failing. This is a lab, where experiments are the way we learn!
For a more focused introduction into the LS practice we recommend you to take part in an Immersion Workshop. Announcements for upcoming learning events are shared via

We open the doors at 18:30 for informal networking, and start at 19:00 with the theme and structures. We end at 21:00 and stay until our hosts tell us it's time to go (usually 21:30-22:00). There will be drinks and snacks.


Das Designteam eines jeden LSLabs besteht aus LS-AnwenderInnen, die diesen Abend nutzen, um die Praxis zu entwickeln, zu lernen, auszuprobieren und sich auszutauschen.
Du brauchst als TeilnehmerIn keine Erfahrung in Liberating Structures. Du bist Teil des Experiments für den Abend - es kann sein, dass etwas nicht so läuft wie gedacht, das ist Teil unseres gemeinsamen Lernraums. Wenn Du auf der Suche nach einem fokussierten Einstieg bist, empfehlen wir Dir einen Immersion Workshop. Aktuelle Ankündigungen für Lernerlebnisse werden unter geteilt.

Ab 18:30 öffnen wir die Pforten für informelles Networking - unsere wunderbaren Gastgeber haben Drinks & Snacks für uns!
Wir starten um 19:00 mit den Strukturen. Um 21:00 endet das Programm und wir bleiben solange, bis unsere Gastgeber uns sagen, dass wir gehen sollen (normalerweise 21:30-22:00).