Connect with Customers - unconventional ways to find out what people really want

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Do we really know what our customers want? Do they? Come play with us and experience fun ways to explore and engage them to find out!
Join us as we explore this question using a string of Liberating Structures. We will be a group of new and experienced facilitators, working in English and German, experimenting how to approach this topic.

As a community of practice, we are all about testing and experimenting with these evolving tools that liberate energy, engagement, and ideas. Come experience these tools with us and learn together. Thanks to our host codecentric, we are starting at 18:30h with networking over drinks and some food. We begin the experimenting at 19:00h, and go until about 21:15. Then stay a bit longer for networking. Looking forward to all who want to join us. Greetings from the Design Team ***************************************************************** Willkommen zur nächsten Ausgabe des LS-Meetups in München. Wir möchten mit Euch wieder in die Welt der Liberating Structures abtauchen. Um gemeinsam zu starten, laden wir Euch ab 18:30 Uhr zu Pizza und Getranke ein - vielen Dank an unseren Gastgeber codecentric! Wie immer, beginnen pünktlich um 19:00 Uhr mit der ersten Structure. Wir freuen auf Euch und das Meetup. Viele Grüße von Design Team