Java Flight Recorder: The hidden arrow in your quiver

Veranstaltet von Lightweight Java User Group München

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Servus Lightweights,

In this Meetup, Daniel Mitterdorfer shows us how to use Java Flight Recorder. Come over, because it's time to learn to shoot with this arrow! See you at our next meeting!

Abstract: Although Java Flight Recorder ships with Oracle Java for several years now, it is not widely used in the developer community. In this talk we will show how Java Flight Recorder and its companion application Java Mission Control work under the hood and demonstrate how to use it in your Java application. Finally, we will demonstrate its usefulness with a variety of examples from our day-to-day work on improving the performance of Elasticsearch

Speakerbio: Daniel Mitterdorfer is a software engineer at Elastic where he works on improving the performance of Elasticsearch. He is interested in performance, concurrency, internals of the JVM and CPU architecture.