The Nightmare of Initialization in C++

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On October, 30th, for the third time, we have the great pleasure to welcome Nicolai Josuttis to our user group. Nico ( is an independent system architect, technical manager, author, and consultant. He designs mid-sized and large software systems for the telecommunications, traffic, finance, and manufacturing industries. He is well known in the programming community because he not only speaks and writes with authority (being the (co-)author of the world-wide best sellers
The C++ Standard Library (,
C++ Templates (, and
C++17 - The Complete Guide (, but is also an innovative presenter, having talked at various conferences and events.

Abstract: After introducing uniform initialization with C++11, there are at least 5 ways in C++ to initialize an object. Each have them has different rules, different effects, and different usage depending on the context and goals. The situation is so confusing that today nobody can tell anymore which type of initialization to teach to beginners. That's nothing but a disaster.

This talk will discuss the different forms of initialization, compare them to know when to use which, discuss what changed with C++14 and C++17 and what still has to change, and finally what to teach now to beginners.
I promise a source of trouble and discussion.

18:30: Open doors und get-together with catering
19:15: Official welcome note by the MUC++ organizers
19:17: Introduction of AID
19:30: AID presentation
20:00: "The Nightmare of Initialization in C++" (Nicolai Josuttis)
~21:15: Open discussions
22:00: Official end

Sponsor: Autonomous Intelligent Driving GmbH (AID;