Visual expertise in code reviews


This month we have the honor to welcome Prof. Jürgen Mottok from the OTH Regensburg. Jürgen is the scientific head of the Software Engineering Laboratory for Safe and Secure Systems (LaS³). Together with his two research associatives, Florian Hauser and Dr. Kenneth Holmqvist, he will give us an introduction to the state of the art of eye tracking in code reviews.

Abstract: This presentations reflects the current state of eye tracking research in the field of code reviews and shows the newest results from our own studies. For example, during a review, experience-related differences can already be detected in a programmer's eye movements. While experts tend to orient themselves more to the program flow of a code and are making heavy use of skimming as a reading strategy, beginners tend to read code it in a natural way, such as reading a newspaper or a novel. They start reading it from top to bottom and from left to right. As a possible explanation for their superior and more efficient performance, the experts stated that they create mental models of the code and orientate themselves on them during the review. The results obtained from our research will be didactically prepared and used for teaching in the form of eye movement modeling examples.

19:00 -- Welcome with snacks and drinks
19:30 -- Welcome by our host
19:35 -- Lightning talk
19:45 -- Main talk by Florian Hauser, Kenneth Holmqvist and Jürgen Mottok
~21:00 -- Open discussions
22:00 -- Official end

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