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Microsoft Azure Zürich User Group
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Rega Centre

Bimenzältenstrasse 87 · Zürich-Flughafen

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Azure Zurich User Group@Rega

We will see how it goes and might consider a future edition.

Important Note: This event will take place in a restricted area with very limited capacity. If you want to join, YOU NEED TO GET A TICKET. No ticket, no admission. There are only 33 tickets available, so better hurry.
Tickets are available at:

We start 2020 with a treat. We will host our first meetup of the year at Rega, the Swiss Air-Rescue service based at Zurich Airport. Rega is a non-profit organization funded by its patrons. They offer 24/7 air assistance in medical emergencies and operate 17’000 missions every year.

In the public safety sector they take a leading role when it comes to embracing the digital transformation. Rega supports about 300 applications for aviation, emergency dispatch, aircraft maintenance and more. And they are moving to the Azure cloud! Join us in this unique meetup and lets see what they are up to.


18:00 Welcome from The Azure Zurich User Group (Manu Meyer)

18:10 Rega Visitor Tour
Joined by two Rega experts, we take a tour around the Rega center. We will visit the command center and hangars and learn all about the inner workings of Switzerlands most famous Air Ambulance Service.

19:40 Short Break

20:00 Azure@Rega (Georg Hauzenberger & Stephan Graber)
In this session, Georg, who is responsible all the applications related to helicopter rescue operations, their mission control system and the Rega-App, shows us what their journey into the cloud looks like. He will shed some light on their decision making process. Why cloud? And why Azure? And what is their vision? He got answers.

Stephan and his company GrabX ( support Rega on their way to the Azure Cloud. He will provide us with some insights related to their steps into the public cloud and show us what they are currently working on.

About Georg Hauzenberger:
Georg manages the entire life cycle of all of Rega's applications related to helicopter rescue operations, such as their mission control system and the "Rega-App" smartphone app.

This includes managing their strategic orientation, software architecture, development and operations budgets and their implementation and operation. For their implementation, he employs agile and user-centric development methods, while their operation are guided by ITIL best practices and CI/CD considerations.

Furthermore, he takes a leading role in developing Rega towards agile and user-centric collaboration and supports his fellow colleagues in projects through consulting them and providing them with guidance on how to staff and steer agile projects.
You can find him at:

About Stephan Graber:
Stephan is an Azure and M365 enthusiast who supports customers on their way to the Azure Cloud.
You can find him at:

21:30 End

The event is open to anybody interested and held in English. In order to avoid no-shows, we need a small fee for every ticket. Thanks for your understanding.

Please reserve a seat and cancel if you cannot make it. Thank you!

Rega offers their visitor tour and facilities for free. Thanks a lot for supporting the Swiss Azure Community!