Microsoft AI Platform + Automatic and Explainable Machine Learning with H2O

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Meeting Room: Redmond

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Dear Makers,

The team is visiting Munich in May. Many thanks to our friends from Microsoft. They kindly provide the venue and refreshments for the event.

We are looking for customer data scientists and other positions in Germany. This will be a great opportunity to have a chat with the team and find out more about us.

For security reasons, please provide your full name (in English) and email address when you sign up for this event.


- Refreshments + Networking (1800 - 1830)
- Welcoming Remarks by Jo-fai Chow (
- Microsoft AI Platform by Nadia Karch (Microsoft)
- Automatic and Explainable ML with H2O by Jo-fai Chow (
- Closing Remarks + Networking


Microsoft AI Platform

Microsoft AI is a robust framework for developing AI solutions in conversational AI, machine learning, data sciences, robotics, IoT, and more. Developers can rapidly consume high-level “finished” services that accelerate development of AI solutions. Compose intelligent applications, customized to your organization’s availability, security, and compliance requirements. Services and tools are backed by a best-of-breed infrastructure with enterprise grade security, availability, compliance, and manageability. Leverage a set of comprehensive tools and frameworks to build, deploy, and operationalize AI products and services. Use supported tools and IDEs of your choice and harness the intelligence with datasets through deep learning frameworks. Whether you’re brand new to AI or looking to enhance your skills, AI School offers learning opportunities in machine learning, conversational AI, AI services, and intelligent edge AI. Start your AI journey here:

About Nadia:
I am Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate with experience in Microsoft Azure Data Analytics & AI. I am passionate about continuously learning new stuff, work hands-on with emerging technologies, and build prototypes. My latest passion is enhancing my expertise for Azure Data & Analytics, Azure Machine Learning, and Azure Cognitive Services.


Automatic and Explainable ML with H2O

Jo-fai will show you how to use's machine learning platforms (H2O & Driverless AI) for automatic and explainable machine learning.

H2O ( is a fully open source, distributed in-memory machine learning platform with linear scalability. H2O supports the most widely used statistical & machine learning algorithms including gradient boosted machines, generalized linear models, deep learning and more. H2O also has an industry leading AutoML functionality that automatically runs through all the algorithms and their hyperparameters to produce a leaderboard of the best models. The H2O platform is used by over 18,000 organizations globally and is extremely popular in both the R & Python communities.

Driverless AI (, a new technology that employs the techniques of expert data scientists in an easy to use application that helps scale your data science efforts. Driverless AI empowers data scientists to work on projects faster using automation and state-of-the-art computing power from GPUs to accomplish tasks in minutes that used to take months. With Driverless AI, everyone including expert and junior data scientists, domain scientists, and data engineers can develop trusted machine learning models. This next-generation automatic machine learning platform delivers unique and advanced functionality for data visualization, feature engineering, model interpretability and low-latency deployment.


About Jo-fai (Joe) Chow

Jo-fai (or Joe) has multiple roles at He is best known as the #360Selfie guy nowadays. Since joining in 2016, Joe has delivered H2O talks/workshops in 40+ cities around Europe and US.