Numerical Age for D


Hi D-evelopers,

quite recently there has been a big buzz about the "Numerical age in D". For example in matrix-matrix multiplication Mir GLAS beat the OpenBLAS and Eigen ( math libraries.

To introduce you to this topic, Sebastian will give a presentation about

- History of Mir and other BLAS libraries

- SIMD instructions in D

- The power of @fastmath

- Mir GLAS kernel (Generic Linear Algebra Subprograms)

- Std.experimental.ndslice in practice

- Common optimization tricks in D

Please bring your laptops as we want to have a short coding session in the end.

About the speaker

Sebastian ( is the author of mir.random and regular contributor to Mir. He was a GSoC student for the D Language Foundation and Mir project. In his other life he studies computational biology at TUM and LMU in Munich.

We are looking forward to seeing you. If you are particularly interested in a topic, don't hesitate to tell us.