Clean Code Competition - D vs. your preferred language


Many D-evelopers claim, that in D they could write beautiful, clean, high-performance code. Let's challenge this and enjoy playing around with different languages.

Clean code lovers are invited to join and together with us code some small programming examples. We will form small teams. Grouped by programming language. All teams will get the same three challenges. Each team will present its result to the others.


• 18:30 Get together with Pizza and Beer

• 19:00 Group finding and Introduction

• 19:15 1st Challenge

• 19:30 Presentation

• 19:45 2nd Challenge

• 20:00 Presentation

• 20:15 3rd Challenge

• 20:30 Presentation

• 20:45 Jury announces the winning teams

• 21:00 Get together with cold Pizza and warm Beer :)

Your language of choice is not yet represented?

Just add a comment below, with the language you are missing. This helps to easily form teams around these languages.

If your language is already represented, add a like to the language you prefer to ease forming a team.

We hope to see many different languages! Please also bring exotic languages. The challenges will be simple, so do not fear.