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Munich Datageeks - August Edition


We first planned to have this event on the 8th of July. Turns out, the first semi-final of the World Cup in Brasil is scheduled for that day as well. While we really enjoy our Meetups, we realized that none would show up (including ourselves :)) That's why we moved the event to the 6th of August which was the earliest date we could find thereafter. For food, drinks and location our most frequent sponsor is stepping into the ring again: TrustYou (


  • 2 presentations (each ca. 30-40 min incl. discussion)
  • Of course time for networking + food + drinks before, in between and especially after the presentations
  • Talks are held in English

The line up:

  1. Florian Schumacher

Title: "Quantified Self, Wearables and Big Personal Data"

Talk Description
Just a few years after smartphones and tablets have changed the way we interact with data and services, wearables are making computing even more personal. Activity trackers and smartwatches make it easier than ever to continously monitor vital signs and more and more people use self-tracking data to improve their health and well-being. With the latest developments in mobile operating systems, personal data that had been stuck in closed environments will soon become accessible for innovative applications to built on. Digital health and wellness are paving the way for a new era of personal computing with vital sign sensing and behavior monitoring as some of their core technologies. What kind of data becomes available from wearables and self-tracking tools, and how might it be used to personalize product experience and interact with other IoT applications? Florian will give insights into the latest trends in quantified self and wearable tech and show how personal data might shape the lifestyle of the future.

Speaker Bio

  • Entrepreneur
  • Consultant
  • Trendscout at Wearable Technologies AG
  • Founder of Quantified Self Germany
  • Twitter: @igrowdigital (
  • Blog: (
  1. Benedikt Koehler

Title: "Exploring the Location Graph - Why Oxford Street is sometimes closer to the Marienplatz than Lake Starnberg"

Talk Description
The Foursquare API is one of the lesser known, but highly valuable data sources when it comes to insights about the daily life of the digital population. In this talk, I'll be showing how to use the Foursquare API and Social Network Analysis tools such as Gephi to generate location graphs that map places to a new kind of warped space. This space seems at first quite similar to our known geographical space, but appears to be curved by a) travel speed between two points in space (e.g. transport infrastructure), b) social and cultural affinities and c) chronological events.

Speaker Bio

  • Streetstyle Data Scientist, PhD in Sociology
  • Machine Learning and Big Data for advertising and media companies
  • Director Data & Innovation at Munich based media research company d.core
  • Hadoop, Spark, Python & R
  • Twitter: @furukama (
  • LinkedIn: benediktkoehler (
  • Blog:


How to get there:

The building is not the easiest to find!

--> U-Bahn: U1 Georg-Brauchle-Ring - go south-east, pass through a kinda industrial area (car dealer is there), see the MTZ building.

--> Tram: Borstei - from there go north and pass the SWM building along the path to the left of it. See the MTZ building ahead of you on the right.

In any case: a working smartphone helps! ;)

Once you enter the MTZ you will see signs leading you to the meeting room on the 1st floor. See you all there.

Agnes-Pockels-Bogen 1, 80992 · München
0 spots left