Munich Datageeks - November 2015 Edition

Dies ist ein vergangenes Event

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As this time the Meetup will be inside the MAN Building, we need to deliver a list of attendees to the gate keeper and the 80 people is a hard restriction this time. So please be fair and if you cannot come to the Meetup, free the space for somebody else! At 7pm, we will fill up open space with people from the wait list.

It's time for our next Meetup. This time the Volkswagen Data Lab will host our Meetup at the MAN SE Building in the North of Munich.

Please find a location plan on how to reach MAN here:

MAN location (,11.5932313,17z/data=!4m7!1m4!3m3!1s0x479e75b4a3f76405:0x86c57498e7630926!2sUngererstra%C3%9Fe+69,+80805+M%C3%BCnchen,+Germany!3b1!3m1!1s0x479e75b498733dab:0xb2c4db4aae750d3?hl=en)


- 2 presentations (each ca. 30-40 min incl. discussion)
- Of course time for networking + food + drinks before, in between and especially after the presentations
- Talks are held in English

The line up:

Andrei Ciobotar - Algorithms for computer vision


Andrei Ciobotar is the founder and CTO of Neokami. As a computer scientist with over 15 years experience, Andrei has dedicated his academic and professional pursuits to everything Big Data and is an expert data integration and backend engineer. Prior to founding Neokami, Andrei spent 3 years developing the HoneyTracks Big Data analytics platform which was later acquired by IQU.


The talk focuses on the design and architectural challenges in the development of computer vision platforms. After a quick demo, we'll be tackling issues such as stateful vs stateless services, worker coordination, availability, scaling and robustness. The last segment will cover common problems that have been encountered when developing on the CUDA platform.

Chris von Csefalvay - Everything is connected (and what isn’t, will be)


Chris von Csefalvay was educated at Oxford and joined the DataLab in 2015 to work on IoT, big data and machine learning. After a stint as a corporate lawyer, he ran for the hills and didn’t stop until he was suddenly working as a data scientist in a consultancy advising governments around the world. He served as the Chief Data Scientist of consumer goods giant RB plc, until he was poached to move across the ocean and settle down in Munich as the newest member of the DataLab.


Everybody is talking about the internet of things, but what actually *are* the *things* we are talking about? And more importantly, what does the sudden, incredible influx of sensor data, from thermostats to aircraft carriers and cars to kittens, mean to data scientists? This talk hopes to answer a little more about the first question and much more about the second, inspiring data scientists to broaden their horizons towards full stack data science.