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Like it or not, Frontend Developers need to know so much: 
- HTM5 / CSS / JS
- Web Performance Optimization
- Responsive Development and Design
- Frontend Architecture, Testing, Tooling
- and much more.
It's hard to keep track of everything by yourself. Join us and let's learn new things together in the friendly atmosphere!
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FrontMuc Meetup 2023, on-site & hybrid

celebrate company GmbH

Dear Frontiers,

We are happy to bring our amazing FrontMuc community back on-site and in a hybrid format in 2023 with celebrate company this time @Munich! And if you aren't from Munich, you can still join us remotely and be part of it!
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  • We begin with drinks and food at 18:30 at celebrate company's office:
  • Talks start at 19:00, followed by some breaks for questions and networking
  • Remote participants can join through Google Meet, and the link will be available a couple of days before the event takes place.


1. "Ascender? descender? x-height? cap-height? Let's talk font metrics!"
Speaker: Philipp Sporrer
Frontend Engineer at celebrate company

- Ever wondered why fonts appear not centred even when they are correctly vertically centred with CSS? Attend this talk to find out. - Ever pondered why text is not 100px tall when the font size is set to 100px? Also attend this talk to find out. - Ever scratched your head why some extra space above and below text appears in the first place? Guess what, attend this talk to find out. - How will the `leading-trim` property help solve these problems with pure CSS? You’re right, attend this talk.

2. "Debugging with sourcemaps"
Speaker: Benedikt Meurer, Engineering Lead, Chrome DevTools

With sourcemaps, developers can efficiently debug their web applications by mapping the compiled code back to the original source code. In this talk, we will explore how sourcemaps work, how they are generated using build tools, and also discuss their limitations.

3. "Network Debugging with Chrome DevTools"
Speaker: Wolfgang Beyer, Software Engineer, Chrome DevTools

Join Wolfgang in this talk to learn tips and tricks on how to debug network activities effectively with Chrome DevTools, including a new feature that allows you to override the frustrating "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" CORS header errors during development!

Seats are limited! Only 50 people on-site are allowed. Register and specify whether you are joining online or on-site.

Looking forward to seeing you all again!

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FrontMuc Meetup 2023, on-site & hybrid

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