October Frontend Developers Meetup

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We hope everyone had a great summer and it's time to be back at full speed with our meetups. This time we are hosted by TrusYou, woohoo!

• 18:30 Doors open, we start with drinks and food

• 19:00 Dimitry Leonov: Robust CSS setup for modern applications

The talk will focus on shortcomings in CSS and resulting issues, before exploring approaches to solutions, with the key technology 'CSS Module.

• 19:30 Max Körbächer: AWS Amplify - JavaScript library to utilize AWS as Backend as a Service

AWS Amplify is a JavaScript library and CLI tool to integrate your frontend with a Backend as a Service in an easy and fast way. We will look at which functionalities are supported, what you can do with it and how they works. Finally we will build a small app, just for fun!

Max is Cloud Solution Architect at Storm Reply and passionated Enterprise Architect. His main focus is on cloud or container based solutions with concepts of serverless, micro services, event driven and evolutionary architectures.

• 20:00 Nicola Sacco: Make your app React
A brief story of how we introduced React components in our workflow using Webpack, npm and Storybook. From the development and testing setup to the bundling and distribution of React components organized as an external library.

Nicola is a Team Lead at TrustYou GmbH.

• Open end around 21:00