October meetup of 2016

GDG Munich Gophers
GDG Munich Gophers
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After a long summer break, we are again ready to get together and enjoy the awesome talks!


Implementing cross-platform 'tail -f' - Fabian Stäber ( https://github.com/fstab ), ConSol

As part of a log file monitoring tool, I implemented a file tailer that keeps reading new lines from log files. This turned out to be much more challenging than I thought, especially because it should run on multiple operating systems and it should be robust against logrotate. In this 15-20 Minutes talk I will present the lessons learned, the pitfalls and dead-ends I ran into.

The monitoring tool is https://github.com/fstab/grok_exporter

Fabian is software developer, R&D lead, and consultant at ConSol Software GmbH in Munich.

Glide and Go Dependency Management - Dmitry Savintsev, Yahoo!

Go package dependencies are traditionally regarded as a thorny problem but the Go vendoring mechanism (from go1.5) and third party tools provide ways to manage it. This talk will share our nearly year-long experience of using Glide ( http://glide.sh) to manage third-party and internal dependencies as part of an automated continuous integration build system, and the best practices we came up with for our teams and developers.

Profiling Go Applications in Production - Dmitri Melikyan

Production environments are different from development and staging. Whether optimizing application performance or trying to find a problem root cause, it is often necessary to use Go's profiling tools in production environment. In this talk I'll share my experience of profiling/monitoring production apps and demo the related tool I've been working on.

Dmitri is a software engineer, who is building profiling and monitoring products for the last few years.

Golang at Sixt and where we are going with it - Boyan Dimitrov

In this talk we are going to share our experience of using Golang at Sixt as an integral part of our cloud stack underpinning our latest products. We are going to talk about the path of adoption and how we build and run our applications.

Boyan is the Director of Platform Engineering at Sixt where he is working on a global scale microservices mobility ecosystem. Prior to that he was the Platform Automation Lead at Hailo where he worked on the transition from a monolith system to a microservices architecture with over 250 services based on Golang. Boyan is specialising in distributed systems, highly-scalable applications and cloud automation.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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