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19:00 Socializing, food, drinks
19:30 Welcome
[45min] Mission accomplished, we are fast! (Camillo Bruni and Benedikt Meurer)
[25min] RPD — Reactive Patch Development (Anton Kotenko a.k.a. Ulric Wilfred)
[15min] Parallel Programming in JavaScript (Nidin Vinayakan)

Location and food sponsored by Google Germany GmbH.

Mission accomplished, we are fast! (Camillo & Benedikt)

Traditionally JavaScript benchmarks like SunSpider, Octane and JetStream have been the main driver for huge performance gains in JavaScript engines. But nowadays all major JavaScript implementations have reached a level of performance where these traditional benchmarks are unlikely to help anymore in the real world.

Also, the use of JavaScript has changed a lot in the last 10 years and requires implementers to come up with more holistic ways to measure performance, i.e. properly measure page load time in a web browser. In this talk you will learn about the traditional JavaScript benchmarks, why they accomplished their mission by now, and how we are going to measure and improve JavaScript performance in the future.

Camillo: ( joined Google in 2015 to work on the V8 JavaScript VM that powers both Node.js and Chrome. He is a member of the Startup / Runtime team focusing on improving the V8’s data structures and C++ code to improve real world performance. Before Google, he was Co-owner of a small web design company in Switzerland. He is a polyglot climber, cyclist and runner.

Benedikt: ( joined Google in 2013 to work on the V8 JavaScript VM that powers both Node.js and Chrome. He is currently the tech lead of the JavaScript Execution Optimization team, focusing on the new compiler architecture TurboFan and the performance of new language features. In the past, he has been contributing to various different open source projects, including OCaml, Xfce and NetBSD, among others. In his spare time, he’s a father of two, enjoys hiking and biking.

RPD — Reactive Patch Development (Anton Kotenko a.k.a. Ulric Wilfred

This is the talk about the framework which brings Dataflow Programming (like VVVV or PureData) to JS and provides you with the complete basis allowing to build your own Patch Networks and Node Toolkits of any kind without bothering yourself on the internals.

This framework is built with Reactive techniques (Signals, etc.), that’s why there’s “Reactive” in the name. Signals help you in sending data between nodes. Combined with immutability in its core, it gives a way to easily rewind history and import/export your networks. Details are in the talk :)

Anton: ( has ten+ years experience in programming, He came through a lot of steps and languages, and now he is working at JetBrains. What fascinates him is functional programming, Elm and Redux.

Parallel Programming in JavaScript (Nidin Vinayakan)

I will talk about ES7 stage-3 feature SharedArrayBuffer and Atomics also demo my javascript parallel global illumination path tracer. Talk include how I simplify parallel programming in javascript by avoiding direct memory access and using turbo script, a custom superset of javascript which will transpiled to pure javascript by generating flat memory operations. turbo objects can be accessed simultaneously from all workers using atomic api. turbo script eliminates the complexity of working with flat memory by adding a tiny abstraction.

Nidin Vinayakan ( was working in Dassault Systèmes 3DExcite GmbH as senior JavaScript and WebGL Engineer. Recently he changed his job and found a nice position at Burda Forward, Chip Digital GmbH as a senior full stack developer to support video and tracking solutions. In his free time, he is developing an open source distributed parallel CPU global illumination renderer for threejs.