Neos Meetup #6 - Implementing a Onepager with Neos

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Holzhofallee 21 · 64295 Darmstadt

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COWO21 is on the first floor of an office building. We'll be in the kitchen or meeting room, depending on the number of participants.

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Hello Neos community!

Before our meetup goes into summer break, we have one more up our sleeve. The sixth meetup will be a bit different from the last ones: we will do a workshop, in which our goal will be to implement a one-pager website, designed by Ruth Firsching. The HTML, CSS and JS are already prepared, so we can focus on designing useful node types and implementing them.

This meetup is very well suited for people just starting out with Neos, since we will start from the beginning and implement a very simple site.

As always, drinks and food are provided. Looking forward to Neos with you!


FYI: Since I will be in Australia from July to Januar 2018, I won't be able to organize any Neos meetups. If you're interested in taking over the organizer's hat during that time, please get in touch - thanks!