Node.js Meetup #35 (free food and refreshments)

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Talk #1: Cypress - e2e testing for Web in 2019
Shahjada Talukdar will describe how to setup Cypress, write end-to-end tests for modern single page web applications which rely on asynchronous REST APIs, run tests on development and prod environment. We will go though a complete end-to-end testing experience - introducing cypress, handling network calls and running it all on CI.

Talk #2: (Async) Iterables
Willian Martins will break down JS iterables in a one-two step, showing little by little the use cases, properties, and the new async Iterator protocol, quickly and smoothly, like trying to learn how to dance this fun Jackson's 5 Soul music ;) He'll show how to build custom iterable objects in a bunch of different ways, and then challenge us to go further and experiment with neat tricks like composing iterables.

We're being hosted by Delivery Hero SE this time.
Delivery Hero is building the next generation global on-demand delivery platform. They have grown rapidly from inception in 2011 to become the world's largest food-ordering network and are now innovating and creating new verticals such as groceries, pharmacies, flowers and
other convenience articles in multiple markets.

JOBS NOTICE: If you're looking for an exciting new tech job or you're looking to hire great devs, please use - it's a 100% dev-run agency and they help us keep the meetups about code only. Register in under half a minute!