Node.js Meetup #37 (free food and refreshments)

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Talk #1: One guideline to test them all
Testing itself is one of the most controversial and opinionated topic in the dev world. Not because it's complicated, but because it's not standardised. Let's change that together. Mehmet Yatkı will share a handbook that thought him how to listen to his tests, what they said about his code and how they eventually made him a better developer.

Talk #2: What can possibly go wrong if I don’t E2E test my packages?
Juan Picado will explain how to test publishing Node.js packages in a local registry integrated in your CI. After a brief introduction to Verdaccio, he will show us the steps to how to integrate Verdaccio in your E2E pipeline. We will see how React (create-react-app) and Angular (CLI) are using Verdaccio in production environments.

We're at Taxfix for this edition.

JOBS NOTICE: If you're looking for an exciting new tech job or you're looking to hire great devs, please use ( It's a 100% dev-run agency and they help us keep the meetups about code only. Register in under half a minute!