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Very pleased to announce the first hackathon in France on Quantum Programming on January 27th 2019 in partnership with two fantastic quantum software startups out of Cambridge: Riverlane (https://riverlane.io) and dividiti (http://www.dividiti.com).

Try out your quantum programming skills at our hackathon, where you'll have the chance to design and test quantum algorithms. A laptop and some coding experience are needed but there is no prior knowledge of Quantum required - experts will teach you the basics!

During the hackathon, you'll be solving a quantum machine learning problem designed by Riverlane. Machine learning is used to find patterns in data, and it is thought that quantum machine learning methods could extend the regime of recognizable patterns. Given some labeled quantum data, you'll develop algorithms for solving a classification problem. Along the way, you'll learn how data is stored on a quantum computer and how calculations can be performed by manipulating the quantum state.

A very important aspect of this hackathon is also to teach how to perform experiments in a collaborative, reproducible and automated
way so that results can be reused by companies. There is an on-going public outcry in industry about numerous difficulties to reproduce, exchange and reuse experimental results from other groups or from academia and hackathons. In this hackathon you will be using Collective Knowledge, an open-source technology developed by dividiti to support collaborative and reproducible competitions, and automate complex experiments.

It's a Sunday, all day long, and we ask you to make sure you are available for the whole day before signing up.