PottJS bei Adesso in Dortmund

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Hallo Pottgemeinde :)

die nächste PottJS ist am start! Dieses Mal in Dortmund bei Adesso mit folgenden Vorträgen:

Nils Mehlhorn @n_mehlhorn - Mobile cross-platform development from a progressive perspective - Progressive web applications (PWAs) seem to be the next big thing in the mobile landscape. These are web applications with “super-powers” which are meant to provide the kinds of user experiences previously only native mobile applications could. One of the closest things to a PWA so far may be an application created with the NativeScript framework. Such an application is also developed with web technologies yet able to use any native interface directly.
In this talk we will have a look at how a PWA gains its super-powers, see what we can learn from them for mobile development in general and transfer these super-powers to a NativeScript app. In doing so we may discover how much JavaScript has grown in its abilities to provide reasonable mobile experiences and find new ways for approaching future developments.

@marudor - Typed Javascript - Einführung in Typed JavaScript mit flow. Vorstellung von https://github.com/flowtype/flow-typed … (https://t.co/lVJpwYqkQ2) Kurzen Vergleich mit TypeScript. Tiefergehende Anwendungen von flow.

Ich freue mich auf Euch :)