Jobs to be Done, with Eckhart Boehme


Join us for a discussion about Jobs to be Done with Eckhart Boehme.

## About ProductTank

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## The evening’s keynote

Starting innovations with the customer’s job in mind — Eckhart Boehme

Today, many tools aim at helping us build the right products and features. However, finding true north isn’t easy. Most organizations still struggle to understand what motivates customers to buy and use our product. The Jobs to Be Done approach is a breakthrough in understanding motivation by moving customer jobs in the center of our development efforts.

## Agenda (start 7pm)

1.) Food & Drinks
2.) Welcome and Warmup
3.) Keynote
4.) Panel Discussion / Q&A
5.) Networking and Drinks

## Sponsors

Thanks to BRYTER for providing the venue and food & drinks!