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PyBerlin is an inclusive community for anyone interested in Python - at all levels, from complete beginners to seasoned professionals.

We'll keep the topics covered as broad as possible - professional development tools, making physical things, teaching kids to code, cutting edge data analytics, personal projects, and even having fun and being artistic with code.

We want to be open, inclusive, and very much about community - so please don't hesitate to suggest meetups, ideas and collaborating with others.

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PyBerlin 26 - 🌱 Spring event & Women's Day celebrations 🌱


• 19:00 - Welcome to PyBerlin! // Organisers

• 19:10 - Miroslav Šedivý // Should We Return to Python 2?

Talk description:
Did you migrate all your projects to Python 3 or kept a backdoor open just in case?
Migration to Python 3 is over, but that's not the end of the journey. Although your code runs with the currently supported Python 3.6 to 3.9, there may be some pieces of code that look obvious to you, but may surprise younger developers who have never seen Python 2 code.

One year after the end of life of Python 2.7 I started looking for Python projects on GitHub and helped them to get rid of those Python 2 relics. I'll show you a few recipes beyond the automatic tools, how to make your code modern and prepared for future updates.

And no, we should not return to Python 2. We should get rid of it completely.

Speaker's bio:
A greedy polyglot, data & open source rhymer, Python charmer, sustainable urbanist, unicode collector, wandering openstreetmapper, and an hjkl juggler. @eumiro at twitter/github/stackoverflow

• 19:45 - Short break

• 19:50 - Talk 2 // TBA

• 20:25 - Talk 3 // TBA

• 21:00 - "Food for Thought - What if corona never happened?" // Padma Srinivasan

Padma Srinivasan is a Senior Analyst at Free Now.

• 21:10 - Closing session // Organisers

Link to this event will be provided by organisers closer to the event.

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PyBerlin 25 - 🌱 Spring is coming event 🌱


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