Big Data BBQ 2019 (Mannheim)

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The Big Data BBQ 2019 is approaching and we are stoked to present you a fine collection of speakers featuring technology leaders such as Samsung or Intel, new tech services such as myTaxi or Yelp, promising startups such as Q-nnect, best-practice practitioners such as inovex or KÖNIGSWEG.

The 2019 BBQ will cover a wide range of topics from digital business transformation, including the following:

– People – An open discourse and a safe environment is required to solve today's data challenges.

Yenny Cheung [Yelp] - Creating an Inclusive Corporate Culture

– Domain Expertise – Preparation of Samsung’s new voice agent for the German language.

Miren Urteaga Aldalur [Samsung] - Bixby, Samsung's Voice Assistant: From Keyword to Intention Recognition

– Understanding Data – Which information actually matters? Which signals give you the relevant input for accurate predictions?

Alisa Dammer [Free Now (myTaxi)] - Which information actually matters? - Automatic Feature Engineering and Selection in Data Science

– Quality Assurance of Predictions – Understanding of Machine Learning models is essential.

Marcel Spitzer [Inovex] - Interpretability of Machine Learning Predictions

– Performance – Making efficient use of computation power.

Shailen Sobhee [Intel] - High Performance computing

– Efficiency – Why would you swim through the data lake if there’s a bridge?

Matthias Progscha [Q-nnect] - Enterprise Warehouse Data to Analytics without Detours

– Communication – Explaining AI to stakeholders without the math

Alexander Hendorf [Königsweg] - AI for Managers

Food options available: vegan, vegetarian & omnivorous.