Quantum Computing Meetup v3.0 @TechQuartier

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Platz der Einheit 2 2nd floor · Frankfurt am Main

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Pollux: 2nd floor, Room Waldstadion // Ask reception for Quantum Computing meetup (other events may take place)

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This meetup is the third event to form a quantum computing community with academia, developer, geeks, analysts, consultants, managers and more. All people, roles, ages and interests are most welcome to explore this new technology from the basics.

We are going to live stream the event on our youtube page:

This time we will have 2 speaker:

1. Chris Wood is the lead developer at IBM and will present Qiskit Aer and how to simulate noisy quantum computers using classical, digital computers.
In current and near term quantum devices errors are unavoidable. Understanding how the errors effect computation is essential for studying near term quantum computing applications. In this demonstration we will show how one may use the open source Qiskit software stack to study noise in quantum circuits and applications.

2. Fred Jendrzejewski from University of Heidelberg and advisor to JoS QUANTUM will present how hard problems can already be solved using quantum systems.