React Meetup - Frankfurt & Rhein-Main

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we will meet on[masked] at WeWork

Slot 1: How to test your React Application - An overview by Daniel Schulz

Testing your frontend application has never been easier before. Within this talk, I’ll explain different levels of testing your application as well as the most suited solutions for testing the specified levels like unit, integration and e2e.

Slot 2: Gatsby - More than a Static Site Generator - by Lennart (

Introduction to Gatsby ( and why it's more like a PWA generator than a static site generator. After explaining the fundamentals I'll dive deeper into: How it can be both static & dynamic, why the GraphQL data layer is so powerful, and how the ecosystem/community enables you to get started today.

Slot 3: React Hooks - Felix Wu
One of the biggest announcements and excitements of React Conf 2018 was the introduction of React Hooks. Hooks are a new feature that lets us use state and other React features without writing a class, essentially allowing us to reuse stateful logic without changing our component hierarchy as well as write cleaner and more maintainable React code. In this talk, I'll give you a brief overview of state and effect hooks and how to integrate them into your codeflow!

After: Networking