1. React Meetup Mannheim

React Meetup Mannheim
React Meetup Mannheim
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Join our first React meetup in the region! This is a first try to see if we can get enough interest to do a React meetup frequently. Join us if you are already deeply involved with React or you are just getting started!

We (yasoon) will give a talk about why we chose React. In addition we are still looking for a second talk, please contact us if you have something you'd like to present!

The meetup will take place at the Mafinex in Mannheim, drinks and snacks will be provided :)

18:30 Opening
18:40 First Talk: We chose React, even though we didn’t like it (at first) – Andreas/Tobias (yasoon)
19:00 Second Talk: Getting started with React – Nicole Rauch (nicolerauch.de)
19:30 Get together with pizza and cold drinks