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InVision AG

Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 8 · Leipzig

Wie du uns findest

Please ring the bell labelled with InVision on the door directly to the left of Subway.

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The summer is over - let's meet(up) again ;)

This time Santo Pfingsten (https://github.com/lusito/) will talk about Modern React Build-Setup.
In this talk, you learn how to set up a flexible zero-configuration build environment without Create-React-App.
The talk covers Parcel Setup, TypeScript + React, Styling & Components, Production Build, Asset imports (SCSS, YAML, Images, Fonts) and Code-Splitting.

Please bring your own notebook with you. No special setup is needed.

Level: beginner (you should be familiar with NPM and JS in general)

18:00 Modern React Build-Setup
19: 00 Food & Networking
19:45 Work in groups or on your own on a build-setup with Parcel

The meetup is hosted at InVision @Karli. There will be food and drinks available. Doors are open at 17:45.

Language: The preferred language of the meetup is German. Depending on the language skills of our crowd we can switch to English.

We have a slack workspace too. Feel free to join: https://join.slack.com/t/reactleipzig/shared_invite/enQtNzc3ODc3Mzc5NjgwLTBlM2VlMDFmM2FjNjJmMWQ4ZDQyMDBlN2Q5ZmUzZGI0YzFlNDE5MzU3M2Y4OTQ3N2VjMTY1NzMyYTNkMGJmMjA

Happy to meet you,
Thomas, Jana, Sebastian & Caspar