React meetup @Turbine Kreuzberg Stuttgart

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Hello React - Dudes!

After a long pause, we will meet again! A big thank goes to Turbine Kreuzberg which will host the event and also support us with food and drinks.

The Magic happens here:

Turbine Kreuzberg GmbH Innovation Space
Stuttgart, Königstraße 39
Access via Schmale Straße 10


18.00 Uhr - Arrive / Talk to the other guys / warm Food / Drinks

19.00 Uhr - Short introduction Turbine Kreuzberg

19.10 Uhr - Pump up the JAM with Gatsby (advanced edition) by
Stefan Adolf

It's lean, it's crazily fast and it's packed with features: Gatsby is a game changing static PWA generator. This talk starts with a short intro into the consolidated GraphQL content interface and how Gatsby builds pages. We’re then digging into custom content plugins that allow you to connect nearly any data source, explain Gatsby's page generation process and how editors can use MDX to embed dynamic components into their content. We conclude with a build time performance demo that renders and updates a huge amount of pages at once.

20.00 Uhr - Talk to the other guys / cold Food / Drinks / Leave