RheinNeckarJS November 2019

Bild des Veranstaltungsortes


Hey folks,
We hope you had a great time during the warmer months and you are as excited as we are about the upcoming Meetup after a (too long) summer.

This time we are happy to head back to Mannheim. bitExpert AG welcomes us at their office and will support us with location, drinks and Pizza :)


18:00 - Doors open
18:30 - Beginning of the Meetup
18:45 - Bringing *Sanity* to your frontends
19:30 - Pizza & Networking
20:00 - Web Accessibility Guidelines
20:30 - Networking

### Benjamin Arbogast ###

Bringing *Sanity* to your frontends
Did you ever manage the texts of your frontend in git and had to do a
deployment to fix a typo? Or did you set up Wordpress and use one of its
APIs just to manage a couple of strings?
Recently a couple of “headless” content management systems appeared, promising to solve these issues.
In this talk we’ll discuss the use cases and advantages of headless CMS in general and have a deeper look at one of the underdogs: Sanity.

### Daniel Schulz ###

Web Accessibility Guidelines
In this talk, we will handle the question what Web Accessibility is and what should be taken care of, to build accessible Web Applications. This will be covered by examples, how Web Applications are experienced. In addition, we take a look at different methods to test these in their current State and at the ups and downs of the approaches to reach our goal to make them completely accessible.

If you're running into any questions, feel free to contact us.

See you at bitExpert AG for a gorgeous meetup!