Ruhrgebiet AI & DataScience Meetup Essen: Data Science Solutions at neusta

Ruhrgebiet AI & Data Science Meetup
Ruhrgebiet AI & Data Science Meetup
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Data Science Solutions at neusta sd west: Architectures and Applications

At neusta software development west we are building solutions for industry, water management and power industry involving data science and machine learning models usually doing anomaly detection and forecasting based on sensor data. In this talk we want to present our solution approaches – both from an architectural perspective and from the point of view of the actual users of our systems: (Managing) Engineers, Data Scientists and Technicians.

The first part will cover some architecture concepts that evolved from our experience on integrating the open source data science ecosystem together with use case specific applications into existing IT infrastructure and processes. The second part will describe actual solutions, how they are built and how the user interacts with them: How can users influence and/or design their own models and put them into production? In the course of this we would like to demonstrate our approach called "hetida designer" which is a model runtime engine together with a graphical workflow programming interface focussed on transparency, collaboration and reusability. We plan to open source the hetida designer suite in spring 2020.