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Inaugural SaarNewTech Meetup, first clear why Saarbrücken need a Vibrant Startup Community the open presentation, present in a 5x5x5 Random Model - 5 presentation x 5 Minutes/Prezi x 5 Questions + Surprize Startup Veteran Guest


⏰Agenda Meetup #[masked] - 19:30: Arrive, get to know each other, exchange, welcome
19:30 - 20:30: Sketch together: Meetup Startups Presentations
20:30 - Open End: Abschied

🏢To the location, Cafe Ubu
Adam, Cafe Ubu owner, has generously offered us the space of the first meeting ❤️👌❤️

🎉Gains: Alcatel One Touch Smartphones
Best Question for our startups on twitter or will receive at the end of our meetup an Alcatel One Touch Smartphone, use please our tag: #saarnewtech and #oneTouch to enter in our competition

Who: Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Inform. Meysam Minoufekr
As CEO and Co-founder of Dropslab Technologies GmbH, Meysam has 10+ years experience in software product development both in industry and academia. He graduated magna cum laude with a PhD in Manufacturing Engineering from the Technical University of Aachen (RWTH) and conducted his research activities in Fraunhofer IPT with a focus on real-time NC simulations and NC data analysis for manufacturing processes in both segments, turbine engine industry and healthcare.
Integrating AR-based assistance system into surgery, field service or shop floor, one can see planning details and complex workflows projected onto the visual field in real-time. Assistance systems ensure that the workforce is endowed with features providing situational insight and facilitating timely task completion.

Who: Eric Falk, Phd. Eric Falk is a researcher with the SnT since 2014. His main research interests are data management, and streaming data analysis. Before, Eric worked in the field of software engineering in the Luxembourgish financial industry.
What: Insurance gamification using the Blockchain and AI.
In this presentation, he will illustrate how to leverage blockchain technology, in liaison with artificial intelligence, for the gamification of insurance procedures. With the presented concepts, he believes that numerous insurance processes can be made more pleasant for customers, and more efficient for the insurance companies.

Who: @Martin & @Julian, Fanomena
What: "Ruby, Trailblazer, Heroku - The Fanomena Software Stack"

Who: @Alexandru Tintea, Wunderstart
What: "Technology Entrepreneurship in Eastern Europe, Mobile Monday Network "