Future of data visualization and geo analysis in Kibana by Tim Roes (elastic)


The future of visualizations in Kibana
In this talk we’ll take a quick dive into the past of Kibana and how different visualization tools in it evolved over time. After that we’ll talk about Lens, the new experience to create visualizations in Kibana. Expect this talk to contain a lot of live demos.

Geo Analysis in Kibana
This talk will be a deep dive into Geospatial data analysis in Kibana. The Maps application in Kibana is out of beta since 7.3 and we’ll have a look at the different capabilities to analyze geo data in it. You should also expect a lot of live demos in this talk.

About Tim Roes
Tim is the Area Lead of the Kibana App team at Elastic. He’s been working at Elastic since 2017 and with Kibana since 2014. He’s passionate about technology, usability and open source. https://twitter.com/tim_roes

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