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Serverless Munich
Serverless Munich
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Saxonia Systems AG

Kistlerhofstraße 75 · München

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Take the main entry and just walk straight to the reception desk. On the left hand side you’ll find a glass door. Pass it and take the elevator to the 5th floor.

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[Hot July Events - Part2]
As promised we will do a community event this month too.
Which let us dive into the speedy Nuclio and the world of async serverless websockets.


1. “High-Performance FaaS with Nuclio” - Mario-Leander Reimer

Not long ago, the advent of microservice architectures was a big disruption in software engineering: systems were now build, composed and run as autonomous services. But this came at the price of added complexity. Serverless and FaaS seem to be the next disruption, they are the logical evolution in cloud native software development.

Of course, FaaS bringt its own set of challenges, such as cold startup performance, asynchronism and overall throughput. But it does not have to be all that bad. Do you want to know what real fast FaaS looks like? Then fasten your seatbelts when we give Nuclio a try.

2. “Serverless Websocket APIs with Lambda & API Gateway ” - Leo Lindhorst

WebSockets provide a way to asynchronously publish events from the backend to Web-based clients, which is an important capability when combining Web Apps with event-driven backend architectures. But when building a completely Serverless backend it was a challenge for a long time to support long-living and stateful connections with short-living, event-driven Lambda Functions. Since re:invent 2018 AWS offers the possibility of building Lambda-backed WebSocket APIs using AWS API Gateway, which provide an easy solution for this problem. This talk gives an introduction to WebSockets and API Gateway WebSocket APIs and show how to get started with this powerful tool.

3. Of course networking by a beer ^^

[Call for speakers]
As this whole meetup is driven by the community, we always eager to here more what your experiences and questions are.
No matter how big or small it is, share it with us