Aug.4th Hacker News Meetup@ Daga Brewpub

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Hey creatives,

We're a group of hackers (i.e. cool dudes) who meet monthly (the 1st Thursday of each month) to chat about technology, design, innovation, and entrepreneurship. 我们是一群极客,每月的第一个星期四见面-谈论科技、设计、创新、商业等等。欢迎来展示你的新项目、新公司,很多朋友通过参加HN找到了新员工或者投资商呢 :)

This month 's Hacker News Meetup is happening (Aug.4th) at DAGA Brewpub (No.100 West Fuxing Lu). The event starts at 7pm. If you get lost, call[masked].

这个月的骇客大会将于周四(8月4日)在DAGA Brewpub (复兴西路100号)举行。活动7点开始。如果你找不到路,请拨打[masked]。

1 presentation=1 free drink ( 10spots)

Thanks to our magnificent venue sponsor DAGA Brewpub, if you share a cool idea/project/invention with us, they'll give you a free drink (Believe me, their beers are the best). Limited to 10 spots, send your topics to [masked]/wechat: TallGoods/twitter: @TallGoods in advance. Each LT will be 5-10mins, you can bring your slides if you want.

感谢场地赞助商DAGA, 如果你愿意参与现场展示,他们会提供一杯免费饮品(说真的,他们的啤酒超赞诶!)。限10人,请把你的演讲主题提前告诉我[masked]/ 微信:TallGoods。每个演讲为5-10分钟,你可以带幻灯片演示。

Confirmed LTs:

Charlie Li, Wiredcraft - Operating a homemade drone through 4G

Peter Oliver - An update on Hezuo Collaborators Lab