Righting Software Meet and Greet


Juval Löwy is in Zürich for his Project Design Master Class.

Come spend a great evening with renowned author and software architect Juval Löwy.

19:00 - 20:00: "The Missing Piece"

Over the past decades, the software development industry has carved out a massive core body of knowledge of software architecture and design patterns. And yet, fundamentally, our industry is not better off because of it, as it falls behind trying to cope quickly with ever changing requirements and increased complexity, coupled with dwindling budgets and past mistakes. A dissonance exists between the ivory tower theoretical world of best practices and the grim reality in the trenches. In this visionary session, Juval Lowy will articulate the root causes of the problem, propose contemporary solution comprising of tools, process and a new methodology for system design, literally a missing piece in the puzzle. Finally, Juval will predict the impact and infliction adopting his approach will have on the livelihood and prosperity of every software architect and developer.

20:00 - 20:30: Q&A

Juval will sign your copy of the book, discuss the ideas in the Righting Software, compare this book with his previous titles and Master Classes, raffle gift copies, and even answer your questions on Righting Software.

This event is sponsored by RaccoonWorks, Addison-Wesley, and IDesign.