Learning Git with Git with Pablo Vergés

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Ahoi everyone!

Are you sick of annoying subversion constraints? Or are you paying millions for Perforce licenses? Aren't you able to work without an internet connection because of your centralized version control solution?
Do you already use Git, but you feel uncomfortable when merging, rebasing or deleting branches? Or do you wish to improve your Git log and you do not know how?

Stop struggling with your VCS and become a first-class Git citizen by learning its internals in this workshop!

The goal is to show how Git works and what it does behind the scenes. This allows you to decide how and when to use Git and react with confidence when things do not follow "the happy path" - be prepared to be mind blown!

You have some knowledge of version control systems. Ideally, you have been working with Git and used the "add", "commit", "push" and "pull" commands before. You also used the terminal to run commands. If you want to follow the slides while running the commands on your machine, come with a recent Git setup (at least version 2) and access to either the Git bash or a shell.

About Pablo:
Pablo Vergés (https://github.com/escodebar) studied experimental physics at the Laboratory for High Energy Physics at the University of Bern and works for DECTRIS Ltd. as a software engineer. After using Git for over a decade, he was asked to give a training at the University of Bern for a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS). The training achieved great success, introducing not only new users to Git but giving essential insights to more advanced users as well. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and is open to challenging questions and problems unknown to him.