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On November 16th we will join the worldwide Software Crafting community for the Global Day of Coderetreat.

❓ What is a coderetreat?
A coderetreat is a full day hands-on coding workshop focused on the fundamentals of software development, design and communication. During the day you will get multiple chances to try out a completely different approach to the same problem. You will have the opportunity to learn new ways of testing, paradigms, architecture styles, libraries, approaches, languages or IDEs. Read more… (

😀 Who should join?
You should join, regardless of whether you're working in an IT job or not. You don't have to be a programmer. We love input from everyone: testers, Scrum Masters, even Product Owners tell us that they've learned a lot...

Even if you think you're not experienced enough, we can learn a lot from your questions and input while pairing with you (

💯 Why should I go?
• experience modern ways of developing software
• question what you think you know already and go deeper
• meet nice people with a passion for crafting software

💻 What should I bring?
Please bring a laptop with an IDE or editor of your choice. Your environment should be set up completely so that we won't have to waste time on installing tools or libraries. Create a project for the day that already has all the libraries you usually use for development. Install at least one tool for testing. You should be able to see a red test for assertFalse(true) and a green test for assertTrue(true); Your syntax might vary...
If you are not able to bring a laptop, please get in touch with us so that we can ensure there will be enough devices.

🍲 Food and drinks?
Will be provided. Contact us for details.

🗨️ Languages
We can facilitate in English, German or both. Don't be shy to join if German is not your native language. We will do our best to make this day pleasant for everybody.

💬 Oh, programming languages?
Use anything you like, as long as you can run tests in it and you have working environment. For most languages you'll find at least one partner to pair with. This day is a great opportunity if you want to learn a new programming language!

🙏 Sponsors
We are very happy that we can offer this event free of charge because the sponsor Comline AG ( have generously helped us by providing a location, food and drinks:

Thank you for generously supporting our community!

🧭 Arrival
By bus 462: Station "Hauert" or
By train: Take the S1 to station "Dortmund Universität", from there take the H-Bahn with destination "Technologiezentrum". From there it's a 5-minute walk.
By car: There are plenty of parking spaces available. Simply drive in to the left or right of the building (underground car park or parking deck).

⏱️ Agenda (subject to change)
08:30 Open doors and introduction
09:00 Start of the sessions
Around 12:00 Lunch (depending on the start of the sessions)
16:30 Closing circle
17:00 End

🥰 Be excellent to each other
We'll do a lot of pair programming on that day. Please be kind and respectful. If you need rest during the retreat, let us now.
Let's make this a fun and pleasant event together where everyone learns!