Use Cases on the Stellar Network

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Hi all,

after our successfull first meetup (thanks for joining), here we go with the second one.

This time we also want to address Stellar newbies and crypto beginners
and will provide a general introduction on Stellar in the beginning.

Our second topic will focus on Stellar Use Cases and which applications exist already. The agenda in total:

1) Introduction of Stellar,
Christian Rogobete from (20 min)
2) Stellar Usecases,
Hans Woppmann from (30 min)
3) How does the Stellar Consesus Algorith work,
Alexander Steinhoff (30min)
4) Discussion and networking

Beer and pizza is available :-)
We are looking forward to see you on the second meetup.

Location will be Friendsfactory City - Sonnenstraße 23, 80331 München
(be aware there are two Friendsfactories in Munich).

PS: Our meetup room on keybase: stellar_munich