First Apache Kafka Meetup Stuttgart 2019


Hello to all Kafka-Enthusiasts and Kafka interested folks!

We are facing the end of 2018 and it is time to announce the first Kafka Meetup Stuttgart for 2019. We invite you to listen to some interesting talks as well as to share your experiences and knowledge in an open space afterwards and get connected with other Kafka users.

The detailed agenda can be found below.

We are pleased to have a speaker from Confluent with us this evening who will also talk about an interesting topic from the Kafka universe.

Regards, Lars

--- Agenda (each talk 25-30 min) ---

How Bosch uses Big Data to run Apache Kafka
Johannes Nachtwey – Bosch

Bosch has all the relevant enablers for Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, and autonomous driving in its portfolio and offers a wide range of hardware and software solutions. Therefore, Big Data plays a significant role within the company. However, single servers are not able to handle this large amount of data. This is where Kafka facilitates the process enormously.

Bosch uses Kafka to stream, process, and analyze data in real-time. In case you are interested in what Kafka actually is and how it technically works, this talk will be the chance to expand your knowledge. After this presentation, you will be able to give an answer to these questions. Furthermore, you will have the expertise to explain the main idea of Kafka by means of an actual use case.

Johannes works as a Big Data Engineer at the Center of Competence Big Data at Bosch. The CoC Big Data enables the Bosch Group to build innovative analytics tools used to implement for Big Data use cases. Before, he worked as a Big Data consultant in the automotive and financial industry.


Apache Kafka as a Backbone for an event-based microservice architecture
Lars Dülfer – Novatec Consulting

Distributed applications based on microservices are widespread nowadays. Many new product developments use this architecture style. But how do you connect the services with each other? A synchronous approach that connects the services to a mesh might face performance issues and a lack of robustness to handle partial failures.

In this session I will provide insides how to connect your microservices in an asynchronous, event-based style. Based on the core concepts of Apache Kafka that Johannes will have introduced in the previous talk, I will show you why Apache Kafka’s unique capabilities perfectly fit to this architectural style. We will talk about some (“non-Big Data”) use cases as well as the challenges that come with this approach.

Lars works as a Senior Managing Consultant at Novatec Consulting GmbH. In his career so far he was working in-house as well as for IT consulting companies in Germany and abroad. Software architecture is his professional passion. He loves the challenge to develop evolutionary architectures in agile working environments.


Processing Streaming Data with KSQL
Hellmar Becker – Confluent

Apache Kafka is a de facto standard streaming data processing platform, being widely deployed as a messaging system, and having a robust data integration framework (Kafka Connect) and stream processing API (Kafka Streams) to meet the needs that common attend real-time message processing. But there’s more!

Kafka now offers KSQL, a declarative, SQL-like stream processing language that lets you define powerful stream-processing applications easily. What once took some moderately sophisticated Java code can now be done at the command line with a familiar and eminently approachable syntax. Come to this talk for an overview of KSQL with live coding on live streaming data.

Hellmar is a Systems Engineer at Confluent. He has worked in the software industry for more than 18 years in various pre- and postsales roles. His latest role was as a sales engineer at Big Data company, Hortonworks. Hellmar has worked with large customers in the finance, telco and retail industries, including a full time position at ING Bank for 3 years.