CalConnect: Introduction into Calendaring and Scheduling

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This week in September, the world-wide Calendaring and Scheduling Community of including members from Apple, Google, FastMail, 1&1, OpenXchange, SchedJoules, SmoothSync, ... are coming together in Karlsruhe for their regularly scheduled conference to discuss current areas of work.

We are using this opportunity to present developers and interested bystander an introduction into Calendaring, Scheduling, address book and Date&Time. Facilitators will be Mike Douglass (Spherical Cow Group), Ken Murchison (FastMail) and Thomas Schäfer (1&1). There will also be plenty of time for questions and discussions.

If you ever came across the magic of Date&Time, experienced pain scheduling events or wanted to find out, what IoT has to do with scheduling, then we can provide you some insights.

There will be a host reception after the presentation where all participating members of CalConnect are available for discussion.